The bat board - a breakout for STM32 in LQFP48

I like the size of the ARM Teensies, and I've seen (and tried) a STM32L4 breakout of this size here: Dragonfly. However I wanted something cheaper, simpler, and hand-solderable (as usual). Hence a breakout board I dubbed "the bat board" (because I'm not good with names).
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It accepts STM32 chips that come in LQFP48 package. It was designed for STM32L052CxTx, but any pin-compatible MCUs should work (ST is good at that). So far I've only tested the abovementioned L052, but at least F072 should also work.

I should also say that the design was also influenced by mchck - but the STM32 MCUs usually have some bootloader in ROM, so it is easier to solve the chicken-and-egg problem.

Board features:

Note: the next revision (rev2) will rearrange the power pins around the micro USB connector, to make it compatible with Teensies, so that one can use already existing battery charging 'add-ons'.