VUSBtiny expansion board

The really tiny VUSBtiny programmer I've made is a handy thing, but hooking up the wires to the flat 6 pin connector gets annoying. So I've soldered a ZIF socket onto a piece of a stripboard, a couple of wires, some headers...

vusbtiny-expansion-02.jpg             vusbtiny-expansion-03.jpg

It has three possibilities for connecting with the programmer: for ATtiny25/45/85 and ATtiny2313 (selection via a switch); for ATmega168/328 (with a header for inserting a resonator if necessary); and finally for ATtiny84 and ICSP header. I've added the resonator as an afterthought, so it's not connected very prettily (wires crossing on the underside).

A diagram for it is in the previous post.